Whitehorn station

Coordinates: 51°05′12″N 113°58′54″W / 51.08667°N 113.98167°W / 51.08667; -113.98167
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CTrain station
General information
Location3801 - 36 Street NE
Coordinates51°05′12″N 113°58′54″W / 51.08667°N 113.98167°W / 51.08667; -113.98167
Owned byCalgary Transit
Line(s)Blue Line (202)
PlatformsCenter-loading platform
Connections38 Brentwood/Temple
43 McKnight-Westwinds/Chinook
57 Monterey Park/McCall Way NE
555 Dashmesh Centre (Sundays only)
Structure typeAt-grade
Parking824 spaces
Preceding station CTrain Following station
toward 69 Street
Blue Line McKnight–Westwinds
The sign located in the parking lot of Whitehorn Station

Whitehorn Station is a Calgary C-Train light rail station in the Calgary Northeast community of Whitehorn. It serves the Northeast leg of the Blue Line, which was labelled as the Northeast Route 202 line when the station first opened. The station opened on April 27, 1985, as part of the original Northeast line terminus until another extension: McKnight-Westwinds, first opened on December 17, 2007.

The station is located in the median of 36 Street NE, immediately to the north of Whitehorn Drive. The station is 9.8 km from the City Hall Interlocking.

The station serves the community of Whitehorn and is adjacent to Horizon Industrial Park. 824 parking spaces are also included at the station.

A small bus loop is located on the west side of the station, and was a major hub for bus routes connecting Calgary's far northeastern communities to the CTrain prior to the 2007 extension to McKnight-Westwinds.[1] As of November 2018, this bus loop is no longer in use.

Pedestrian overpasses connect the station to both sides of 36 Street NE. Stairs, escalators, as well as an elevator provide access down to the center-loading platform. As of 2011, there is now a grade-level access at the South end of the platform as well.

In 2005, the station registered an average transit of 17,400 boardings per weekday.[2]

Station Upgrades[edit]

It was announced in 2010 that along with the usual platform upgrades which upgraded stations from having platforms to accommodate for 4 platform trains at the time, that Whitehorn Station would receive multiple other renovations including: a new platform canopy with shelters, a new outdoor crossing on the south end of the station, relocation of the elevator, mechanical and electric upgrades. These upgrades would take place during the year of 2011, with the station being reopened with the new changes on October 17, 2011. The most notable of these changes was the new platform canopy, which is a feature that Whitehorn Station has that other stations in the Northeast do not have, including the very similarly designed Marlborough and Rundle Stations.[3][4]


During the month of March 2023, an underground drug operation along the Calgary C-Train system would get disrupted. Officers seized the substances of fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine, morphine and xanax. Multiple weapons such as 21 knives, two machetes, two hatchets, a handgun, and a can of bear spray were also seized by police. 40 people would get arrested between multiple stations, Whitehorn along with Franklin, Southland, Marlborough, Heritage, Sunalta, Rundle, Brentwood, Chinook, Crowfoot, 8th Street SW, Anderson, Dalhousie, Westbrook Stations would have arrests relating to the aforementioned drug trade.[5]


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